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PHD dissertation

When the book likes paper writer, no extra words are required. When there are controversial points in it, capital truths or new and frightening, you need something more than a “wand with a point”.

You can make a parsing of the book so that: it is better to learn what you read; publish a blog review and attract additional traffic; show expertise – attract the attention of publishers – start reviewing on a commercial basis.

Criteria for correct review. Full information about the author of the book, title, theme, year of publication, key points of the narrative. Analysis of the book with a reference to a specific target audience. Analytical approach: all good and bad that is in the work are investigated and justified. Sufficient information to form an opinion on the book. The average volume of the review is from 1,000 to 3,000 characters. If more is already a critical article, if less – reader feedback. An analysis of a recently published book: the reviewer makes it from scratch, and not under the influence of the minds of other people. Mention previous works and regalia of the author, without servility or bias. Avoiding transitions to the personality, insults, calls for various types of discord. Absence of any errors in the review.

Book reviews can be roughly divided into: detailed professional analysis; short reviews-articles written by readers; The essay with the dominant personal opinion about the book and the attitude to the author; autoreviews, when the author expresses his work; book reviews.

Bibliographic description PHD dissertation – the title of the book, the author, the year of publication (if this reissue – indicate which account), the publishing house.

A small retelling of the content in one to three sentences.

Direct recall (personal impressions).

Analytical part – analysis of the name, content, structure, practical examples, etc.

Allocate all the advantages and disadvantages of the book.

Critics can say a lot about the work from the first pages of the book, but the inexperienced will have to read the text completely. However, ideally the critic is obliged to read the text carefully and fully, so that the conclusions are as reasoned and accurate as possible.